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When to Decorate for Fall

Do you love changing your home’s style to suit the seasons? If so, you may wonder when to start decorating for fall. Of course, you don’t want to take down the cheerful summer décor too early, but you also don’t want to have your fall décor out for just a couple of weeks before taking […]

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How to Pack Knives for Moving

When preparing for a move, your kitchen will be one of the most difficult areas of your house to pack. We’ve already created a guide for how to pack a kitchen, but packing knives for a move is a completely different story. Knowing how to pack knives for moving is so important. Improperly packing your […]

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How to Pack the Most At-Risk Items During a Move

When moving to a new home, broken or damaged items are one of the biggest concerns. While most items in your home will easily survive the move, some items are more fragile than others. These fragile items will require extra care to ensure they make it to their destination safely. Start packing well in advance […]

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