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How to Properly Pack and Store Your TV

Published On: April 23, 2021By

How to Properly Pack and Store Your TV

When moving into a new home, it is essential to know how to properly pack and store your TV. For many people, a TV console is one of the most expensive items in their home or apartment. Taking extra care when packing and storing your television will prevent damage and make unpacking much smoother.

Below are two methods for packing a big screen TV: the bag method and the plywood method. Whichever you choose, be sure to use plenty of padding to protect your TV from bumps and scratches during transport. Not only will it protect the TV, but the extra padding will also help prevent other items from getting damaged.

The Bag Method for Packing and Storing Your TV:

You will need a sealed bag, bubble wrap, tape, and roll of plastic wrap or shrink wrap for this method. Select a bag that is large enough for your TV. Place the plastic wrap or shrink-wrap around the TV and secure it with tape. This helps ensure that your TV screen will not get scratched or damaged during your move. Wrap the television in bubble wrap. Then, secure the bubble wrap with tape. Place the sealed bag around the TV. Once again, secure the bag with tape. Make sure that you have several inches of space between your TV and the top of the bag in order to provide an extra layer of protection during your move.

The Plywood Method for Packing and Storing Your TV:

You will need plywood, packing blankets or bubble wrap, tape, and boxes for storage for this method. Select a plywood board that is slightly larger than your TV’s height, width, and depth measurements. Cut the plywood to match your television’s dimensions. Lay the plywood flat on the ground. Then, wrap packing blankets or bubble wrap around the TV. Line up your plywood board with the front of your TV and tape it down to your wrapped TV. Wrap packing blankets or bubble wrap around the sides and back of the TV. Make sure that they overlap by at least six inches on each side for extra protection against bumps and scratches during transport. Tape down all sides to the plywood board to secure it. If you still have the box the TV came in, you should slide it into the box and pad any extra space with blankets or bubble wrap.

Essential Tips for Packing Your TV:

When learning how to properly pack and store your TV, it’s important to pack your TV in a box or crate of its own. Lay down newspapers on the floor around the television so that it will not get scratched during transport, and place plastic wrap over the top of it to protect it from scratches during transportation.

If you are using a cardboard box, be sure that you have enough cushioning around the television so that it will not get damaged by bumps or scratches during transport. It is also advantageous to use the shipping boxes they offer from moving companies instead of cardboard boxes. Make sure that the cardboard box is taped shut with high-quality packing tape so that nothing gets caught in it during transportation and causes damage to your television.

Be sure to secure any loose wires behind the TV with cable ties or tape so that they do not get damaged during transport or during storage.

Essential Tips for Storing Your TV:

If you are storing your TV in a storage unit, make sure it is climate-controlled. Climate-controlled storage units are kept at a consistent temperature and humidity level that is meant to keep furniture, electronics, and other items safe. It mimics the conditions you would have in your own house. Keeping a TV in a unit that is not climate-controlled could result in damage.

Do not store your TV in an attic or garage. These areas are subject to extreme fluctuations in temperature, which could damage your electronics. Garages also leave your TV vulnerable to water damage, pest damage, dust, and dirt – all of which could cause cosmetic or electrical damage to your TV.


With these tips on how to properly pack and store your TV, you can feel more confident keeping it safe during your move!

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