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Tips for Couples Moving in Together

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Preparing to Move in Together

Are you thinking of moving in with your significant other? Before moving in together, you should first be aware of the challenges that come with living with your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or fiancé. While moving in with your partner can be a very exciting time, it is also a time or merging lifestyles, tastes, and most importantly – belongings.

Unfortunately, twice the people means twice the stuff. You’ll find that there are duplicates of some items, which you can easily sell or donate. What will be most difficult is coming to an agreement on what decorations and other items stay in the house. A storage unit is a great compromise for having the home you both agree on without having to get rid of items that are near and dear to your hearts. With time, you may find that you are ready to part with these items, but for now, it’s okay to want to keep them. Along with these items, you’ll likely have other things that you will want one day when you are ready to move into a bigger home, but simply don’t have the room for yet.

Figuring out where to put everything isn’t the only road bump you will encounter when merging households. For 7 valuable tips on moving in together, check out BurghBride’s blog. It shares great tips on how to consolidate your stuff, discuss finances, and communicate effectively. If you are moving in soon, or plan to in the future, this blog is a must-read.


If you think you and your partner could benefit from a storage unit, stop by your nearest Guardian Storage to discuss your options with one of our trained, professional property managers.


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