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Storage Tips for Homes with No Basement

Published On: August 6, 2018By


How to Get Storage Without a Basement

Did you know that a lot of homes in Colorado don’t have basements? Tami, The Colorado Mountain Mom, found this out when she moved there from South Dakota. Unfortunately, losing a basement means losing a lot of valuable storage space. That doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all of your belongings, though. There are a lot of great solutions to storage that will make the move to a home with no basement a lot more bearable.

In her blog, Tami shares 5 helpful tips for homes with no basement. These tips include resources for storing, organizing, and cutting down on all the extra belongings in your home. For more ideas for storage in your home, check out these 5 easy tricks to save space without getting rid of anything:

1. Utilize the Space Above Doorways

We practically never think of the space above our doorways, but it’s the perfect area for a shelf. It doesn’t get in the way of anything and does not take away from the room that it is in. It will likely go unnoticed, allowing for a secret space for items you don’t use day to day.

2. Don’t Forget About Corners

Corners are also spaces that go generally unused. Get furniture or shelving that is designed specifically for corners to utilize that space. It can not only add a ton of extra storage, but it also adds some dimension to the room.

3. Get Under the Stairs

It’s more than likely that there’s tons of unused storage space underneath your staircase. Reclaim it by adding shelves, cubbies, or even an extra little room!

4. Add Storage to Beds or Seats

Get rolling storage bins for under your bed or storage under seating areas. It’s quick to hide things away, and you benefit from adding storage to a completely unused space.

5. Use Storage Behind Each Door

Purchase a few door organizers to store even more stuff. Use it on the pantry door for spices or for snacks that are quick to grab. In your closet, you can use them for shoes or jewelry. In the bathroom, hand towels, shampoo or soap can fit into them. Wherever the need, make sure to utilize the unused space behind your doors.

Don’t forget to check out Tami’s blog, “5 Survival Tips for Homes with No Basement” for more tips on keeping your home clutter free without the extra space to store it all.

If you find that creative storage solutions still are not enough, consider renting a storage unit. By swapping out seasonal items, you can still get the space you need without having the frequently visit your unit. To get started, find a Guardian Storage near you, where our professional managers will help you get started with the storage unit that is right for you.