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How to Store Summer Clothes

Published On: October 4, 2022By


Store Summer Clothes for the Off-Season

Does your closet give you anxiety? Are you searching through piles of clothing to find the items you need? A quick way to give your closet a refresh is to keep it seasonal. In the summer we have a lot of extra clothing, from bathing suits to shorts to tank tops – and we change several times a day if it’s swelteringly hot or to enjoy a social life after work. So, rather than keep all those clothes around when it’s time for bulkier items like sweaters and jeans again, store your summer clothes.

Tips for Packing Summer Clothes for Storage

Avoid vacuum seal packing. While it might seem like a good way to save space, it is not good for delicate fabrics and can leave deep creases that are hard to iron out. Instead, choose moving boxes designed for clothing. Wardrobe boxes have a bar at the top so you can hang your dresses and formalwear. The boxes are reusable, so you can recycle them for your coats and fall/winter gear too. 

Clean and dry cardboard boxes are ideal for swimwear, t-shirts, jeans and shorts. Make sure the boxes haven’t been previously used for any kind of produce or food items as it can be hard to detect possible insect or bacteria contamination until the damage is done. To keep everything organized, cardboard drawers or clear plastic bins are also great options. 

Label or color code each box or bin with stickers for easy access. That way you won’t have to waste time sorting through each box when it’s time to unpack your summer clothes.

Put a few cedar chips into each box. This will repel common pests like moths. Be sure to give your clothing time to air out if you use this method.

Finally, it’s very important every item you pack is clean and dry. Damp, sweaty or dirty clothing breeds bacteria and mold. 

Where to Store Summer Clothes

The next important part of storing clothes is finding the right place. It’s important to store your summer clothes in a clean, dry, dark area free of moths and mildew. For example, if you live in a character (ahem, older) home with a dug out basement, it may be too damp and cold for clothing storage. You want a space that stays clean and fairly climate controlled. 

Not everyone has room with the right conditions in their home for extra storage. Renting a climate controlled unit is always an option. Small units are available that are perfect for clothing storage. You’ll be able to swap out your clothing seasonally and regain your closet space, and still have room left over for other items like artwork, memorabilia or a place to hide those holiday gifts! Storage rental is the affordable way to help keep your home clutter free and tidy – a move that has many health and wellbeing benefits.

In Conclusion

Packing away summer clothes is the ideal way to regain storage space for bulkier, cooler weather items and keep your closet organized. If you have the space to store at home, ensure the space is dry and clean and that you put cedar chips in the boxes. Label or create an inventory system so unpacking is a breeze. 

Interested in summer clothes storage at Guardian? The Guardian Way ensures an exceptional experience. Contact us today to learn more.