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Enjoying Your Space

Here are many ways to tackle getting rid of sentimental clutter that let you still hold on to those memories while making more room in your home.

How to Get Rid of Sentimental Clutter

Getting Rid of Sentimental Clutter Getting rid of clutter is generally pretty straightforward, but getting rid of sentimental clutter is not. While decluttering your home of typical clutter can be an easy afternoon project, tackling things that mean something to you can be a little harder. Items that remind us of people, places, events, or […]

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Closet Organization Ideas

10 Closet Organization Ideas

Closet Organization Ideas It’s fun to own a lot of clothing. But when you’re closet becomes unorganized, you aren’t even able to see all of the clothes you own. Instead, you fall into a habit of wearing the same few pieces. Closet organization shouldn’t be about getting rid of everything, but rather rearranging things so […]

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12 Easy Decor Ideas for Decorating Your Home Office

Home Office Ideas

12 Easy Decor Ideas for Your Home Office Properly decorating your home office is a very important task. As somewhere you’ll be spending a lot of time, you’ll want to make it somewhere you enjoy. By adding some very simple design elements your home office, you can create a space you’re proud to share with […]

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Minimalist living room design with neturals.

How to Live Minimally

Look around the room you’re in right now. How many items in this room do you actually use? Of everything in the room, how many of the items make you feel happy? We tend to buy and collect things we don’t need. These things don’t bring us joy and typically don’t serve a specific purpose. […]

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