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19 Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard this Summer

Published On: April 24, 2019By

Enjoy Your Backyard 

Summer seems to come and go so quickly each year that we often forget to slow down and enjoy it. Why not kick off the summer by taking the time to actually enjoy your backyard? You spend the time and money to landscape, mulch, fertilize, and cut the grass, so why not spend the time actually using your backyard. Below are 19 fun ways to enjoy your backyard this summer.


Backyard Camping

You don’t need to go to a campground to have fun this summer! Go backyard camping instead. Pitch a tent in your backyard, complete with sleeping bags. If you have a fire pit, go outside and roast weenies and s’ mores to make the experience more authentic!

Set Up a Hammock

Set up a hammock between two trees in your backyard, or buy one that stands up on its own. Hammocks are great for mid-day naps, reading, meditating, or just laying around. Set up a little table next to your hammock for morning tea or lemonade.


Gardening not only makes your backyard look beautiful but its also a fun hobby to take up in the summer! Planting flowers can bring plenty of birds, bees, and other wildlife into your lawn. You can also start your own vegetable garden. If you live in an apartment or somewhere that does not allow you to dig in the ground, you can opt for container gardening instead. Growing your own food allows you to live more sustainably and saves you money in the grocery store.


Grilling is one of the best parts of summer. It smells amazing and tastes even better. Host a little cookout for your family, friends, or even neighbors. Create a grilling Pinterest board to keep all of the recipes you want to try out, then pick your favorites every time you grill. It’s a simple way to get everyone together.

Campfire with S’ mores

If camping in the backyard isn’t your thing, forgo the tents and head straight for the s’ mores. Keep s’ more time fun by trying out different combos like adding strawberries, replacing the chocolate with Reese’s cups, or switching out the marshmallows with Peeps. If you don’t have a fire pit, try tabletop s’ mores with terra cotta pots and charcoal.

Have a Picnic

Whoever said picnics are just for parks? Find a nice spot in your backyard and grab a blanket. Pack your favorite picnic items like sandwiches, fruit, dessert, and maybe even a bottle of wine. Bring a small speaker for some background music and enjoy the afternoon in your own little picnic paradise.

Refurbish Your Shed

Sheds tend to live on the edge of your yard and get forgotten about. Lately, there’s been a trend of revamping sheds into “she sheds,” children’s playhouses, garden sheds, and craft rooms. Take the time to clean out the shed and give it a coat of fresh paint. Hit up some local yard sales to snag some cheap furniture and decorations. Turn your forgotten shed into a new gem in your backyard.

Create the Ultimate Treehouse

Looking for a fun project to work on with your kids? If you have a large tree in your yard, consider building the ultimate treehouse for your kids to play in. Have them help paint the wood, pick out the rug, and decorate the inside.

Throw a Tea Party

Turn your backyard into a tea garden and throw a tea party. Create cute invites to send out to all who are welcome. Then grab little desserts, sandwiches, or even cheese and crackers. Throw a pot of tea on the stove and enjoy a fancy afternoon with friends.

Install a Bird Feeder

Add a bird feeder in your backyard to draw in more wildlife and turn your backyard into a birdwatching paradise. You can even have a little fun with it by making bingo cards for the types of birds you’ll likely see in your backyard. Whenever you spot a new bird, mark it off on your card. Whoever wins can get a special little gift.

Host a Potluck

Invite all of your friends over for a backyard potluck. Set up a long table and chairs and have everyone bring their favorite dish. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your friends and loved ones without the cost of hosting a large event.

Morning Coffee

Set your alarm a few minutes early during the summer to enjoy your coffee in the backyard. Set up a spot on your patio or in the hammock for your morning ritual. Start your day off peacefully by enjoying your backyard and waking up with the sun.

Breakfast / Brunch

Believe it or not, grills are great for breakfast too! Host a breakfast or brunch (or just enjoy it yourself) in your backyard. You can make eggs, bacon, sausage, and even pancakes on the grill by placing down a griddle first. It’s a great way to enjoy your backyard before the afternoon heat rolls in.

Trade Garden Vegetables

When gardening, you may find that you have an excess of a certain type of vegetable. Invite friends, family, or neighbors who also garden over and host a swap. Have everyone bring items they have too much of, won’t eat, or want to trade. This allows you to diversify the fruit and vegetables you eat and avoids unnecessary food waste.

Have a Cookout with Excess Veggies

Another alternative for wasting your excess veggies is to have a cookout. Do this with your family or invite others who have meat or veggies that need to be cooked up and offer to grill them all.


If you have a pool, then it’s just about time to open it up and enjoy the pool for the summer! There are a lot of fun ways you can take advantage of your pool during the summer from buying fun pool floats to hosting glow-in-the-dark swims at night.


Slip-n-slides are a cheap, fun way to spend a hot summer afternoon. You can either buy a slip-n-slide or place down a tarp. It keeps the kids entertained for hours and has a fairly easy cleanup. Beware of destroying that patch of grass for the rest of the summer, though.


If you have young kids, the sprinkler is about to be your new best friend. For something as simple as placing the sprinkler attachment onto the end of your hose, you kids will be amused for hours. Look into other fun, inexpensive sprinkler heads to attach onto the end of your hose for an easy activity on the days that are too hot for other outdoor activities.

Rec Sports

This last way to enjoy your backyard applies to all ages. You are never too old to invite your friends over for a round of kickball or whiffle ball. Temporarily turn your backyard into a sports stadium by placing rubber bases around your yard.


There you have it! Those are 19 fun ways to enjoy your backyard this summer. Between backyard bbq, gardening, and picnics, you’re in for a jam-packed summer of fun. For more tips for enjoying your home, subscribe to our monthly newsletter!