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10 Closet Organization Ideas

Published On: September 2, 2019By

Closet Organization Ideas

It’s fun to own a lot of clothing. But when you’re closet becomes unorganized, you aren’t even able to see all of the clothes you own. Instead, you fall into a habit of wearing the same few pieces. Closet organization shouldn’t be about getting rid of everything, but rather rearranging things so you can have access to your full wardrobe again. There are plenty of closet organization ideas out there, but these 10 tips are sure to get you headed on the right track.

1. Declutter by Category

Pull all of your clothes out of your closet. Divide them into categories such as pants, shirts, shorts, and dresses. Go through each category and get rid of the items that no longer fit, are ripped or stained, or that you simply don’t wear anymore. Try to part with at least one item from each category. 

2. Use the “1-in-1-out” Rule

To keep your closet from becoming cluttered after you organize, follow the 1-in-1-out rule. Every time you buy new clothes, you have to get rid of something you already own. This keeps your closet manageable and allows you to continue to update your wardrobe. The biggest threat to closet organization is a closet with too many clothes. 

3. Utilize Vertical Space

Take advantage of the vertical space in your closet. Install shelving about your clothing to store things like out-of-season clothing, shoes, purses, or hats. You may also find that you have space on the sides of your closet to install shelving as well. Ensure that you are making good use of every inch of space your closet has to offer. 

4. Put Shoes Behind the Door

The space behind our doors is drastically underused but is perfect for shoe storage. Most retailers like Walmart or Target will sell shoe organizers for your door. This helps keep shoes off the floor and makes it easier to find a matching pair. 

5. Stack Thick Items

Install shelving so that you can stack any thick items that may take up too much space in a dresser or hanging up. Things like sweaters, jeans, and sweatpants should be folded and stacked. For extra freshness, place a dryer sheet between each clothing item when stacking. 

6. Roll Thin Items

Thin items like t-shirts, underwear, or socks should be rolled. This saves a ton of space and makes it easy to grab what you need and throw it on. Rolled items will go in a dresser. To keep them extra organized, you can purchase cardboard drawer organizers. 

7. Add a Second Bar for Closet Organization

For more clothing storage and better organization, add a second bar in your closet beneath the one you already have. This will give you a second tier to hang your clothing and will utilize the typically unused space in your closet. Make sure the bar can sustain the weight of whatever clothing you plan to hang on it. 

8. Utilize Corners

Utilize the corners of your closet by installing corner shelves. You can place things like shoes and purses on these shelves. This keeps items off the floor and allows for easy access to grab and go. 

9. Use Specialty Hangers

Places like Bed, Bath & Beyond sell specialty hangers for things like ties and scarves. They also have hangers that collapse down to hang multiple items with the same space that a single hanger takes up. Specialty hangers are great for organization of items when you have limited closet space to work with. 

10. Place Hangers Backwards

After you go through your closet and get rid of everything you no longer want, place your hangers backward. As you wear your clothing, you can place the hangers forward. At the end of the year, go through your closet and look for items that are still hanging backward. This helps you recognize the clothing you actually wear, and what you simply keep around. Get rid of anything that was not turned around after one year. 


Once you follow these 10 closet organization ideas, you’re should be well on your way to the closet of your dreams. Stick to the ideas that work best for you and make sure you stay on top of keeping your closet organized once all the hard work is done.

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