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Where to take Electronics for Recycling

Published On: February 5, 2013By

Where to Recycle Electronics

Have you upgraded your television or computer? Did you put your old flat screen or laptop out on the curb only to find that your trash is gone but the electronics remain?  It’s due to a new law passed in Pennsylvania as a way to continue to protect our environment.  The law prevents you from being able to dispose of electronics through your weekly garbage pick-up.  Currently, 25 states have imposed electronic recycling laws.  The reason is simple: those old electronics contain hazardous compounds like cadmium, mercury and lead and cannot be dumped in a landfill. Donating and recycling your unwanted, used electronics keeps metals, plastics, and glass out of our landfills and oceans. Plus, recycling electronics cuts down on the greenhouse emissions that are caused by the production of new products and materials.

Free Electronic Recycling Pittsburgh

Here in Pittsburgh, you can take your electronics to any Guardian Storage location to be recycled for free. Simply stop by the leasing office and let our manager know you have electronics that need to be recycled. There are moving carts and dollies to help you conveniently drop your electronics off at our recycling units. Once you drop off your electronics, Evolution E-Cycling LLC will pick them up. They will then safely remove and destroy data from your hard drive and recycle your electronics.

Please note that Guardian Storage cannot accept TV drop-offs. Click here to find a location near you.

Not close to a Guardian Storage? Click here for a full list of Evolution Ecycle drop-off locations for the most convenient place to drop off your electronics.

Recycling at Retail Stores

Now that you’ve decided to recycle your unwanted electronics, you will need to find somewhere with an electronic recycling program. Luckily, many retail stores and businesses offer free electronic recycling options. In fact, some stores like Best Buy even have a trade-in program where they will give you money for your items. Currently, Best Buy offers free electronic recycling for televisions, video equipment, computer, tablets, cell phones, radios, appliances, ink and toner, audio equipment, home electronics, music and movies, video games, cameras, camcorders, and car GPS systems. If you’re looking to recycle office equipment and other electronics, Staples also has a robust, free electronic recycling program. They also offer a tech trade-in program and will give you $2 for every recycled ink or toner cartridge. Other retailers with electronic recycling programs include HP, LG, Samsung, Dell, Vizio, and Sony.

Donating Old Electronics

If you no longer want your old electronics, but they are still in working condition, consider donating them! Make sure to clear any hard drives or memory drives before giving your items away. For old cellphones, consider donating to organizations like Cell Phones for Soldiers, Medic Mobile, or The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. For other usable electronics, consider donating them to local thrift stores, eligible nonprofit organizations, Goodwill, or schedule a curbside pickup through Pickup Please.


Now you are a short search away from finding out exactly where and how easily you can finally rid yourself of those electronics that have been cluttering up your garage, basement, attic, and office.