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What to Leave Behind When Moving

Published On: June 4, 2024By

What to Leave Behind When Moving; 15 Items to Leave Behind When Moving

15 Items to Leave Behind When Moving 

Moving can be very expensive. The last thing you want to do is pay to pack, store, and move items you don’t really need. Packing up your home gives you the unique opportunity to go through every item you own and determine its value in your life. Use this time to assess your belongings and determine if they truly need to come with you to your new home, or if they would be better off being sold or donated. Below are 15 items that you should leave behind when moving.


Go through and declutter every item in your closet before packing them up. Set aside items that you no longer wear, no longer fit you, or are ripped or stained. Either donate these items or sell them for some extra cash.


Books take up a lot of space and can be very heavy to transport. It can be difficult to get rid of books, so start with the easy ones. Get rid of phone books, textbooks, and books you’ve already read first. Consider giving away more sentimental books to people you think will enjoy them – you can even write them a little note in the front to make it extra special.


Set aside all important documents to keep them safe for your move. Next, go through all paper clutter and get rid of everything you do not need. If possible, scan the papers you still need and shred the rest.

Old Furniture

Old furniture can be bulky and hard to move. Plus, it takes up a lot of real estate in your moving truck. Consider donating your old furniture to a nonprofit organization or selling it on Facebook Marketplace to fund a new furniture purchase.

Bathroom Items

Go through your bathroom and toss items that are not used or can be easily replaced. Look for items like almost-empty bottles, rarely used products, cracked or expired makeup, and expired medication. Consider getting rid of used items like loofahs, razors, and toothbrushes and buying new versions when you arrive at your new home.


Go through your pantry and get rid of anything that is past expiration. In the days leading up to your move, go through your fridge and throw away anything that won’t be eaten before moving.

Garage Items

Go through your garage and declutter things like tools, outdoor equipment, and toys. Safely dispose of items like paint cans, fertilizer, and insecticide.


Consider leaving behind appliances, both large and small. Check to see if you need to bring appliances like your washer, dryer, or refrigerator or if the previous homeowner will be leaving theirs behind. Go through all small appliances in your kitchen and determine if any go unused.

Mattresses and Pillows

Moving may be a great excuse to get a new mattress and pillows. Mattresses tend to lose their shape and quality around the 10-year mark. If your mattress is reaching the end of its lifespan, use moving as an excuse to invest in a new mattress. Depending on the age of your bedding, you may also want to buy fresh pillows, as they can trap bacteria and dead skin cells.

Blinds and Curtains

Consider leaving your blinds and curtains behind. They likely won’t fit the new windows at your new home, and it will be a nice thing to leave for the new homeowners.

Light Fixtures

It’s common courtesy to leave behind all lighting fixtures in your home. If you plan to bring them with you, you will need to buy new ones to replace them.

Home Décor

Go through all of your home décors and determine if it is worth bringing with you. Determine if your current home décor will fit the theme in your new home and whether you love it enough to pack it and take it with you.

CDs and DVDs

If you still have a CD or DVD collection, now may be the time to pare down. Consider going digital and downloading your songs onto your computer. Check to see if the DVDs you own are available on any streaming services you use. If you haven’t watched any of the DVDs or listened to any of the CDs within the last year, it may be time to let go of them.

Kitchen Items

Before moving, you’ll want to fully declutter your kitchen. Get rid of things like chipped dishware, duplicate cooking utensils, take-out menus, single-use condiments, and unused appliances.

Knick Knacks and Keepsakes

Finally, go through your home and get rid of all unnecessary knick-knacks, keepsakes, and souvenirs. If they do not add value or evoke happiness, they are just taking up space.

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