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Using Self Storage for Your Etsy Business

Published On: July 17, 2020By

Using self storage for your Etsy business is a great way for artists and other business owners to grow their following and make money from their craft!

Starting a business on Etsy is a great way for artists and other business owners to grow their following and make money from their craft. Ideally, your following will grow, and your Etsy business will expand. Depending on the space where you are working, this growth can present some challenges. Many artists and small online businesses operate from their own homes. As demand increases, so does inventory and supplies. This can quickly take over your space and become overwhelming. Renting an office or retail space can be a huge financial burden. This is where self storage comes in. Renting a storage unit is a much more cost-effective alternative. Renting a storage unit allows you to operate from a larger, more organized space specifically dedicated to your business. Consider these benefits when looking into using self storage for your Etsy business.

More Organization

Organizing inventory helps you keep track of what you have and what you need. It also allows you to quickly find the items that have sold and need to be filled and shipped. Having the space to keep your inventory organized allows you to optimize the rest of your space for production. Depending on the products you sell on Etsy, having space to craft, construct, and create will be a huge step toward expanding your business. Plus, you’ll have so much more space in your home without all of your business inventory there. Being able to separate work life physically will also allow you to separate work and personal life mentally. This allows you to focus on work tasks while at the storage unit, and keep any non-work-related issues or tasks from disrupting productivity.

Saving Money on Supplies

Buying supplies in large quantities will help you save money on production costs. Unfortunately, if you’re working from home or in a small space, you may not have room to buy items in bulk. Running your Etsy business from a storage unit allows you the space to buy items in bulk. Plus, many storage companies, like Guardian Storage, offer free package acceptance. This means you can ship the items directly to your storage facility instead of your home.

Keeping Items Protected

Depending on where you are currently storing your inventory, there is potential for items to get damaged. If you have children or pets, a small space where things could get knocked over, or are working in a shared space, there is potential for damage to your inventory. The best part of running your Etsy business from a storage unit is that it is under lock and key. All of your items will be safe when you leave for the day. Opting for a climate-controlled storage unit ensures that the temperature and humidity level in your storage unit stays consistent, which protects the quality of your items. Choosing a storage company that has gated entry, keypad access, and 24/7 security monitoring systems will also ensure top-notch security for your business. Your unit will also require insurance, which will protect you up to a certain amount should anything get damaged.

Allowing for Growth

When you are working from a larger, more organized space, you can store more inventory. Plus, a larger space allows you to work more efficiently. This eliminates any limitations you may have had and allows you to keep up with demand and create more, and even new, items. While your business may be small starting off, having ample space for growth is important in order to fulfill your business goals. A large, organized space will harbor productivity and make it easier for you to quickly fill and ship orders, allowing for happy, return customers.

Better Product Photos

Having high-quality photos of your products helps increase sales. With the additional space in your storage unit, consider setting up a small space for a photo studio. Having this photo studio in your unit as opposed to your home means you can keep it set up and don’t have to construct and deconstruct it every time you get a new item. For good lighting in your mini photo studio, request a storage unit with outlets.


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