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Storage Hacks For The Holidays

Published On: December 13, 2021By

If you’re lacking storage space, or wondering how to maximize your spaces, try these Storage Hacks For The Holidays to find peace of mind this season.

With Christmas around the corner, people everywhere are scrambling to gear up for one of the most exciting times of the year. What can be viewed as an exhilarating time is equally stressful for many homeowners trying to solve a variety of storage issues. If you’re lacking storage space, or you’re wondering how to maximize the space you do have, try using these hacks to find peace of mind this holiday season.

Make Sure To Label Everything

One of the first storage hacks heading into the holidays is to clearly label all of your accessories. Grouping and labeling every storage bin will help to consolidate space and create easier access to specific decorations. If you plan to store more than one type of decoration in a single location, label each section to save time and frustration moving into the next year.

In some circumstances, it could be beneficial to use a home inventory app. This application will assign a QR code to each bin. Once the codes are assigned and placed on their designated bins, you will then be able to access them via your mobile device. If you are a homeowner who is savvy with technology, this could be extremely convenient.

Utilize Clear, Square Bins

Homeowners often underestimate how easy it is to find specific decorations by using transparent bins. Many label every box as they should, but most of the time they are using a bunch of identical, opaque tubs. Even if you label each tub, you can’t possibly list everything hidden on the inside.

Try utilizing clear bins. Not only can you label them accordingly, but you can also physically see what items are where. Find square bins that can consolidate space a lot better than tall or uniquely-shaped ones. Measure your storage area, as this will assist you when trying to buy the right size and number of bins to maximize your storage space.

Create A Holiday Toolkit

Regular toolkits can provide homeowners with a collection of essential items within a single reach of one another. These tools can vary depending on specific repairs, but during the holiday season, there is an increase in the need for those used in decorating, crafting, and wrapping. With many homeowners choosing a quick decor transition between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s best to gather the most essential tools into one location to be as prepared as possible.

Try filling a regular toolbox with holiday essentials, such as tape, scissors, ornament hooks, wire cutters, ribbon, spare holiday lights, and more. Creating a holiday toolkit will centralize all of your most important tools for projects. This is the best way to prepare for any mishaps or decoration flaws that can occur throughout the holiday season.

Organize Your Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is used all year round, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or a baby shower. Try to save space when wrapping birthday gifts and Christmas gifts by storing everything in one spot. Similar to your holiday toolkit, try to use it to your advantage by organizing your most essential wrapping tools together in one location.

In order to save space, it would be extremely helpful to use an over-the-door storage organizer, this can extend the life of your accessories by avoiding crushing or ripping. This over-the-door gift wrap storage organizer can hold a variety of supplies, including wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, and other gift wrapping widgets.

Store Your Items In A Safe Space

Finding the most perfect storage place in your home can be a challenge. It’s best to find a safe space that ensures a temperate, must-free, and non-humid environment for storing candles, electronics (trains, lights), paper goods (bags, wrapping paper stocks), or any valuable/sentimental ornaments. No homeowner wants their decorations to lose their spirit while sitting in storage. The best possible way to ensure your items stay protected is to keep them in a climate-controlled storage unit. Climate-controlled storage ensures that the unit is kept at a consistent temperature and humidity level year-round.

Some people may also choose their basement to store items because it tends to be cooler than the rest of the house. If your basement is having trouble regulating cool, crisp air, try analyzing your HVAC system. Your HVAC is essential when creating the most comfortable environment in your home. In this case, a home warranty could help to solve any HVAC issues that could arise. This policy can provide ample coverage while cutting out costs upfront that may affect the temperature and air quality in your home. By prioritizing home comfort, your holiday decor will thank you.


Try your best to maximize your space and consolidate your belongings with an open mind. These techniques can act as a blueprint for other storage tactics you may need to take up annually. Tackle your storage space with more confidence and care this year for a seamless transition into 2022.

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