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What does 10×10 Standard mean? Understanding self storage sizes

Published On: December 9, 2013By

Guardian Storage Pittsburgh


When it comes to figuring out what size storage unit you need, someone telling you that a 10×10 standard would be perfect for your belongings really doesn’t mean much if you don’t understand what they are saying! Storage sizes can vary from as small as a 5’x5’ space up to 10’x30’ or larger sometimes. Below is a chart that can help you better understand what will fit in each size and how to relate to them.

 Unit Sizes

Aside from choosing the correct storage locker size, you will need to determine what type of storage unit you need. Most self storage facilities will have the options of either Drive-up, Standard, Heated & Ventilate or Climate Controlled. How long, what type of belongings you are storing and the general forecast of the area you live in will all be factors in determining what type of unit you need. Over the next three posts we will discuss each type of storage, what items are best to store in which and other variances.