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I Need Self Storage. Now What? How to Choose a Self Storage Company

Published On: November 20, 2013By

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It’s here, the point in your life when you break down and accept the fact that there’s no other way around it, you need a self storage unit. With so many storage companies and propaganda out there trying to tell you how to pick the right size storage locker, it can become overwhelming. Being leaders in the self storage industry, we have comprised a series of eight helpful posts that should help anyone through the process – from choosing the right self storage facility to signing the lease to moving out.

Step 1 – Choosing a Self Storage Company

If you are like most people, you will most likely call around first to different storage operators in your nearby area and find out what different amenities, pricing and options are available. Here is a list of questions you may want to ask during your search:

  1. Do they offer or can they point you towards renting a moving truck or reputable movers?
  2. What are the payment options? Do they offer online, automatic or pay in advance possibilities?
  3. Is there a retail store available in the office to purchase boxes, tape, locks and other packing and moving supplies?
  4. What type of on-site security is used? Cameras? Door alarms? Motion detectors? Keypad entry?
  5. What types of storage is available? Drive-up, Standard, Heated/Ventilated and/or Climate Controlled Storage?
  6. Are there moving carts, dollies and elevators available to make moving your items quick and easy?
  7. What perks are available for business storage customers?
  8. Is there full-time maintenance available on-site?
  9. Do they have a pest control system in place?
  10. Do they offer a tenant protection or insurance program?

Some of these questions you may not have even considered but after all, these are your belongings and you are trusting one company to protect them. You should make sure they are willing to give you peace of mind and ease you through this transition. A knowledgeable Property Manager should be able to answer all of your questions and direct you to their website or invite you to tour their storage facility. It is always important to go look at a self storage unit before committing to any one location. You will want to make sure the size is appropriate for your belongings, that it is not near any streams or potential flood areas and the unit and property is clean and well maintained.

Stop back next week to learn about determining what size storage locker you may need and the different types of units that should be available in your area.