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    ~Susie Farber
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    ~Alan Ctiron

Outdoor Equipment Storage

Published On: June 12, 2018By

Outdoor Equipment Storage

Tami from Colorado Mountain Mom knows that when it comes to outdoor equipment storage, the struggle is real. With no basement for storage and a family who loves the outdoors, she had to find a solution to outdoor gear storage. Her garage and shed have helped up to this point, but with camping, snow gear, and an ever-growing love of outdoor adventure, she quickly ran out of space.

With the knowledge that she needed to update her storage solutions, Tami visited our Superior, Colorado location. There, she was able to find outdoor storage units that fit her needs. By storing her outdoor equipment in outside storage, she could clear out her garage- for either her car or to stock up on more gear. She was impressed with the on-site managers, as well as the clean properties and the 24/7 security. Check out Tami’s blog to learn more about her struggle with outdoor gear, and her experience with Guardian Storage.