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Pittsburgh Storage Auctions Moving Online

Published On: March 6, 2019By

Storage Auctions Moving Online

Storage auctions are an unfortunate, yet necessary part of our business.
We hold our storage auctions quarterly in March, June, September, and January.
As of March 2019, our Pittsburgh storage auctions have moved online to

This switch to online auctions allows buyers to browse auctions at all of our locations without having to travel store-to-store on auction day.

To bid on units, users will have to sign up for an account with and register a valid credit card. Then, you simply type in your zip code, browse units and pictures, and place your bids!

If you don’t want to bid in increments, SelfStorageAuction allows you to put in a max bid, where the system will bid for you up to your max amount. This helps avoid losing an auction because of a missed bid.

Although moving to online auctions takes away the ability to look at the units in person, photos of each unit will be uploaded to allow you to browse the contents of the unit. Once photos are taken, the unit will be closed and a tamper tag will be placed on the unit. This ensures that the unit will look exactly like the pictures when you open it up after purchase.

Once you win your auction, an email with your invoice and the storage property’s contact information will be sent to you. From there, you should call the storage property and arrange a time to visit and clean out the unit.

Online storage auctions make it easy to bid on multiple units all from the comfort of your own home.
To learn more about our online auctions, visit