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Moving To Do List

Published On: September 4, 2018By


Moving Into a New Home Checklist

As you get ready for your big move, you will be faced with a lot of tasks to tackle. While there are many useful resources for the packing side of moving, we’ve found that there is a lack of information about the non-packing essentials during a move, like a helpful moving checklist. Whether you are moving to another state, to a new town, or right next door, this moving out checklist will help keep you organized and make sure that you don’t miss any key aspects of your move. We’ve broken the moving list down into the weeks leading up to your move, so make sure to plan accordingly; don’t wait until the last minute to handle all of the small details.

8 Weeks Prior

  • Research banks, doctors, schools, as well as cable providers in your new area.
    • Set up an installment date for cable and internet once you’ve decided on a provider.
  • Begin research into moving companies and ask around for recommendations.
    • For a checklist of hiring responsible moving companies and protecting your belongings, click here. 
  • Start a binder for all moving-related paperwork.

7 Weeks Prior

  • Get estimates from at least 3 different moving companies.
  • Make a list of contacts and businesses that need to be informed of your address change.

6 Weeks Prior

  • Decide on a mover and solidify the date and time they will arrive.
  • Start going through your closets and get rid of anything you don’t want or don’t need.
  • Begin decluttering – once you have collected enough items you’d like to get rid of, drop them off at a donation center or host a yard sale.
  • If you have children, now is the time to get in contact with their school and start working with them to transfer your child’s records.
  • Begin packing rarely used items like holiday decorations, equipment you will not be using, and out-of-season clothing.

5 Weeks Prior

  • Start buying fewer groceries and plan recipes around using up the food in your fridge, freezer, and pantry.
  • Send a change of address announcement out to friends, either by mail, email, or social media.
  • Consider purchasing your moving supplies now, as you will not want to wait until the last second to pack. Don’t forget the less obvious things like mattress and sofa covers.
  • Decide on a packing and labeling system, preferably one that goes by room. This way, you can unpack room by room.
  • Make a packing schedule for each room in the house.
  • Pre-order checks with your new address.

4 Weeks Prior

  • Fill out an official change of address form with the post office.
  • Put in a request for paid time off to give yourself time to move and unpack.
  • Find a babysitter in the area, or ask a relative to watch your children during the move.
  • Confirm paperwork with your mover and double check that they have proper insurance for your valuables.

3 Weeks Prior

  • Cancel any subscriptions or newspapers or magazines and set them to be delivered to your new home.
  • Begin gathering up all valuable paperwork and other precious items that you plan to pack separately and keep with you during the move.
  • Take an inventory of all valuable items. Make sure to take pictures of their condition and take note of any existing damage. This way, if anything gets damaged in the move, you will be aware and have proof.
  • If you use a regional bank, now is the time to consider transferring to a new one.

2 Weeks Prior

  • Keep packing! Don’t slow down on packing, as leaving everything until the last minute will make you much more unorganized and stressed.
  • Tie up any loose ends with subscriptions, services, address changes, etc.
  • Help out the new owners of your home by making them a welcome packet. Include recommendations for local restaurants, businesses, utilities, etc.
  • Unplug appliances and make sure they are clean and good to go.
  • Fill any prescriptions and make sure to pack them somewhere they can be easily unpacked when you arrive.
  • Withdraw enough cash to tip the movers and a little extra in case any unexpected expenses should occur.
  • Call a locksmith and have the locks on your new home replaced as soon as the previous owners move out.

1 Week Prior

  • Set utilities at your current home to turn off one day after you move out. Set up utilities for your new home to turn on 1-2 days before you move in.
  • Dispose of any items that cannot be transported to your new home (i.e. flammable items)
  • Make one last round to donate anything you discovered you do not need to take with you
  • Back up all computers before unplugging them
  • Pack a suitcase “vacation style” to last you a few days before everything is unpacked.
  • Confirm the date & time with the moving company one last time
  • Hire a cleaning company to clean your home when you move out. Consider also hiring one to clean your new home before you move in.
  • Unplug your fridge/freezer 1-2 days before moving to let it fully defrost.
  • Empty gas/oil from your lawnmower and any other outdoor equipment
  • Take one last photo in your house for memory’s sake.

You made it! If you’ve completed the moving to do list, that means you should be all moved into your new home. And if you’ve followed the items on the moving checklist, you should have a little bit of time to relax, as you have already done most of the hard work. Now, all you have to do is order a pizza and unpack! Looking for more tips on how to prepare for your move into a new home? Check out our blog for 25 Easy Moving Packing Tips for your big move. Best of luck, and enjoy your new home.