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How to Sell Furniture (Your Own or as a Side Gig)

Published On: December 13, 2022By


Today, a lot of people look for alternative ways to increase their income. Many have found success buying and selling furniture online. For others, selling furniture is part of clearing out the clutter in one’s own home or selling items from a home that has been inherited. No matter your reason for selling, there are some basic rules that will make the process easier and safer for all involved. Read on to learn how to sell furniture and how a storage unit fits into all of this.

How to Sell Furniture Online

  • Rule #1: Great Photos

    When selling furniture online, be very honest with the photos. If you are buying and reselling, show if there are threadbare patches, cat claw scratches, worn edges, etc. People buying used furniture do not expect pristine items, but they don’t want their time wasted by dishonest photos either. Some are looking for slightly damaged items so they can restore or upcycle them. So, take good, honest photos that show the beauty and the flaws when you sell furniture online.

  • Rule #2: Accurate Descriptions

    As with an honest photo, the description matters too. Be clear if the furniture is from the home of a smoker or if it sat outside for extended periods of time (vermin or mold risk). However, this is also your chance to describe what makes the item special. If it is an antique or comes from a notable or historic place, include that in the description.

  • Rule #3: Price Accordingly

    The price is not what you want but what the market is willing to accept. Rare finds, historical pieces, or antiques can get a good price, but mass-produced and common furniture depreciates quickly. Have rare items appraised and include the certificate of appraisal as part of the sale. Find out the original price of common furniture, then subtract the value for years used and the condition of the piece.

How to Sell Furniture from Your Home

  • Rule #1: Safety

    When decluttering or selling furniture from an inherited home, safety is the main priority. Don’t be home alone when someone is coming to collect the item.

  • Rule #2: Get Paid – Properly

    It is easier to get paid properly when selling online because you can list the furniture on a site that helps broker payments. Too often, a seller is asked to accept a check or finds themselves being scammed if trying to collect pre-payment online. Sometimes the seller arrives without the full amount discussed. Know the signs of payment fraud (online and in person) and have a plan in place to stop the sale if needed.

  • Rule #3: Clean it up or Lower the Price

    Clean, polish, and deodorize the furniture you are selling. If you are selling it as-is, price it accordingly.

How to Sell Furniture Online with a Storage Unit

Whether you want to sell furniture online or sell furniture from your home, a storage unit is a wonderful option. Not only does it relieve the clutter of excess furniture from your home, but it is also a safer and much more public place to meet buyers. Sell furniture from a storage unit to protect it – climate-controlled storage units are ideal for most furniture items, especially antiques and fragile items.

Guardian Storage is an affordable way to decrease clutter, have a place for selling items, store seasonal décor, and so much more. We are part of your organized lifestyle. Contact us today to discuss storage for when you want to sell furniture online, and read our blog for more lifestyle tips.