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How to Organize Your Home with Storage

Published On: June 25, 2018By


How to Organize your Home with Storage

Censie from Building Our Story recently went through a “purge” of her home, where she decided to utilize self storage. Her mission was to clear out some of the 10 years worth of belongings her family had accumulated. During her decluttering, she ran into the issue of storage. Censie wanted to keep holiday decor and sentimental items but had limited space in her home. Having used a storage unit in the past, she went to Google to do a quick search of local self-storage facilities and discovered Guardian Storage.

A big area of importance to Censie was security. From the moment she stepped into Guardian Storage Westminster, she immediately noticed the security features. Particularly, she noticed the security station behind the manager, complete with 24/7 security video surveillance. As she continued to learn more about Guardian, she began to feel even safer. In her blog, she states that she “would feel completely safe coming to this property by [herself] and would feel good about leaving [her] property here as well.”

Censie goes on to talk about her personal experience with Guardian, the history of the company, and the look and feel of the storage facility. We don’t want to give away any spoilers, so we’ll just have to let you see her honest opinion for yourself. Check out Censie’s blog about using Guardian Storage to change your purging routine.

For more ideas on how to purge your home, here are 20 things you can get rid of today:

20 Things You Can Toss Immediately to Organize your Home:

1. Old or expired makeup
2. Dried up nail polish
3. Old towels and bathmats
4. Ripped, stained, or rarely worn clothing
5. Unmatched socks
6. Old shoe boxes
7. Tupperware with no lids
8. Expired food
9. Cookbooks you never opened
10. Duplicate kitchen tools
11. Old newspapers
12. Magazines
13. Old receipts
14. Dried up pens and markers
15. Old cell phones and chargers
16. Expired coupons
17. Toys and stuffed animals your children have outgrown
18. Broken crayons
19. Old Paint
20. Holiday items

If you think you could benefit from organizing your home with storage, stop by your nearest Guardian Storage to get started. Our trained, professional property managers can help you find the unit that is right for you.