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Where to take Electronics for Recycling

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Where to Recycle Electronics

Have you upgraded your television or computer? Did you put your old flat screen or laptop out on the curb only to find that your trash is gone but the electronics remain?  It’s due to a new law passed in Pennsylvania as a way to continue to protect our environment.  The law prevents you from being able to dispose of electronics through your weekly garbage pick-up.  Currently, 25 states have imposed electronic recycling laws.  The reason is simple: those old electronics contain hazardous compounds like cadmium, mercury and lead and cannot be dumped in a landfill.

Recycling at Retail Stores

So now what? Luckily for you, there are a few things you can still do so relatively easy to get rid of that old computer or small appliance. Retail stores like HHGregg, Staples and Best Buy are offering recycling programs at no charge, but they come with stipulations. “There is a three items per household per day limit on things that you can recycle. The only thing that we ask is that the hard drive is taken out of computers before you bring them in,” says Alisha Rector from Best Buy. Great, so now you know where you can take your items, but how do you remove that hard drive? You can try to remove it yourself if you are knowledgeable enough or ask a friend who might know. Still stuck? Don’t worry we have some more suggestions that aren’t as complicated.

Recycling at Goodwill

Goodwill accepts old electronics as donations, where they will either refurbish, resell or recycle them.  That saves you a hassle, plus you are doing a little bit of good to top it off. Perfect, but what about that personal information you left on your hard drive? If you have a computer and you are concerned about your personal information safety there is still one more option for you.  A local BAN certified e-Steward de-manufacturing facility.

Drop-off Recycling Locations

Here in Pennsylvania, Evolution Ecycling offers consumer convenient drop-off locations all over the area by partnering with companies who have a strong green initiative. Guardian Storage is one of those locations. Please note that Guardian Storage cannot accept TV drop-offs. Click here to find a location near you.

Once you drop off your electronics at any local Guardian Storage, Evolution Ecycling will pick them up.  They will then safely remove and destroy data from your hard drive while recycling every bit of the electronics.

Not close to a Guardian Storage? Click here for a full list of Evolution Ecycle drop-off locations for the most convenient place to drop off your electronics.

Now you are a short search away from finding out exactly where and how easily you can finally rid yourself of those electronics that have been cluttering up your garage, basement, attic, and office.

*Credit for the quote from Alisha Rector to CBS http://goo.gl/92mwj



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