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Clear the Clutter: 90 Items to Throw Away

Published On: May 7, 2019By

home office bedroom clear of clutter

Get Rid of Clutter by Getting Rid of These 90 Items

Getting rid of clutter in your home can be a very easy process if you break it down. You can either go by room to or by item to make the decluttering process less stressful. Start in the bathroom. Each day, get rid of one or two items on this list. In a few weeks, your home will be free of clutter, and you will have more room for the things you enjoy. Clear the clutter in your house immediately with these 90 items to throw away today.

Clear Bathroom Clutter

– Old/broken makeup

– Expired sunscreen

Expired medicine

– Hair ties

– Old toothbrushes

– Old perfume

Travel toiletries

– Dried up nail polish

– Unused nail polish

– Old towels (donate used towels to your local animal shelter)

– Dingy bathmats

– Half-empty bottles (combine & toss)

– Old cleaning supplies

– Old bath toys

Clear Bedroom Clutter

– Unworn clothing (donate to a local thrift store)

– Out of style clothing

– Ripped or stained clothing

– Outgrown clothing

– Unused/broken jewelry

– Earrings with no match

– Unused purses

– Clutter in/on nightstands

– Old shoeboxes

– Unused/outgrown shoes

– Socks with no match

– Socks with holes

– Promotional t-shirts

– Old bedding

– Old pillows (replace every year)

– Loose change (collect it all and turn it into cash)

– Candle stubs

– Yellowed lampshades

– Broken window blinds

– Old belts

– Old hats & gloves

Clear Kitchen Clutter

– Cracked/stained Tupperware

– Plasticware with no matching lid

– Broken appliances (drop them off for electronic recycling)

– Expired food in the fridge

– Expired canned goods in the pantry

– Unused cookbooks

– Chipped plates/glasses

Duplicate kitchen tools

– Unused appliances

– Unused pots/pans

– Takeout menus

– Restaurant sauce packets

– Everything in your junk drawer

Clear Office Clutter

– Books

– Magazines (donate to a creative reuse organization)

– Old receipts

– Paperwork older than 5 years (shred them)

– Dried up pens/markers

– Old notebooks

– Outdated/broken electronics

– Old chargers

– Old cords

– Outdated software

– Expired coupons

– Filled notebooks

– Old calendars

– Cards (birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc)

– Junk mail

– Emails

– Old newspapers

– Business cards

A organized children's playroom can be achievable if you learn how to declutter toys.

Clear Playroom Clutter

– Broken toys

– Unused toys

– Games w/ missing pieces

– Old electronics

– Unloved stuffed animals

– Books

– DVDs

– VHS tapes

– CDs (sell them back)

– Old coloring books

Broken crayons

Old school supplies

– Dried out markers

– Unused craft supplies

– Puzzles with missing pieces

items to throw away in a garage

Clear Garage / Basement Clutter

– Old paint

Outgrown bikes

– Old sports equipment

– Broken tools

– Old rags

– Unused holiday items

– Old outside toys

– Unused décor

Old car seats


By donating, selling, recycling, or simply throwing out these 90 items, you’ll be getting rid of clutter in your home. Not only that, but you’ll be doing good things in your community. Taking the extra time to find places that accept donations for the items you are ready to clear out of your home keeps waste out of our landfills, and keeps our communities thriving. Take the time to think of what good you can do by clearing the clutter in your home.