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7 Tips for Moving in the Summer

Published On: August 2, 2023By

There are plenty of advantages of moving in the summer season. Follow our 7 Tips for Moving in the Summer for a smooth transition to your new home.

There are plenty of advantages to moving in the summer season. For one, schools are out of session, so your kids won’t have to transfer in the middle of their school year. Plus, summer is a little more predictable than moving in the winter. You don’t have to worry about moving in a foot of snow – chances are good that your moving day will be sunny. There are some things to know about moving in the summer, though. Because it’s peak moving season, movers will be more expensive and harder to schedule. You will also need to keep your health top of mind as you exert yourself in the summer heat. All in all, though, summer is one of the best times to move, just make sure you follow these tips for moving in the summer:

1.) Reserve Your Movers Early

Because summer is the most popular time to move, it’s also the most expensive. Moving companies raise their rates in the summer to compensate for high demand. Not only is it expensive; it’s hard to find. Once you know your moving date, reserve your movers before doing any of your other planning. Reserving early will ensure you have help on your moving day and may help you lock in a better rate.

2.) Stay Hydrated

Moving in the summer heat can easily cause dehydration or even a heat stroke. Make sure to have water ready for moving day and to take as many breaks as you need to stay hydrated. Your movers may bring their water, but it’s a common courtesy to also have some cold water available for them.

3.) Beat the Heat

Starting your move early in the morning will help you beat the heat (and the traffic). Try to start your move on or before 8 in the morning. As the day goes on, the UV index and humidity levels will start to rise, making the move tougher on everyone. Getting everything done early in the day will be cooler and will lead to a more efficient move. If you can’t move early in the morning, aim to move in the late afternoon instead.

4.) Turn On Utilities a Day Early

There is nothing worse than arriving at your new home and having to move into a non-airconditioned house. Turn on your utilities a day early to avoid a hot and humid unpacking experience. If you live nearby, head over the night before and get the AC on and running. No worries if you are moving far away and are unable to turn it on ahead of time. When you get to your new home, make sure the first thing you do is turn on the AC to get it blowing while you begin unloading the moving truck. That way, by the time everything is unloaded and you are moved in, you can unpack in a cool space away from the summer heat.

5.) Pack a Cooler

If you are bringing any food from your previous house, be sure to pack a cooler full of ice to keep everything fresh. Things like dairy, produce, and meats should all be safely packed into the cooler. You may also want to pack a smaller cooler where you can keep your ice-cold waters and sports drinks or a few damp washcloths to help cool yourself down. Moving in the summer heat can be dangerous, so having cool items on hand is essential for staying safe.

6.) Set Aside Some Sunscreen

Don’t pack up your sunscreen just yet. Summer moving means you are at risk for sunburn if you aren’t careful. Set aside a bottle of sunscreen and make sure to use a water-resistant brand, as you will likely be working up a sweat as you carry boxes to and from the moving truck. To further protect yourself from the summer sun, make sure to wear a hat while moving to keep your face out of the sun.

7.) Pack Weather-Resistant Items First

Not all items are the same when it comes to faring well in the summer sun. Try to pack items that can handle the heat first, and save ones that are more heat-averse last. For example, outdoor furniture, lawn equipment, bikes, and dishware are all fine to go into your moving truck. Try to hold off on electronics, leather, and wooden items until everything else is packed. Letting these items sit in the sun too long can result in damage.

Be safe and enjoy yourself

That’s it! This is an exciting transition in your life so don’t forget to take a few moments for laughter and gratitude. Plus, if you follow these great tips for moving in the summer, your move will flow seamlessly! If you are debating what season is best to move, we recommend looking into our tips for moving in the spring to compare. Best of luck on your move and don’t forget to check out our other moving blogs!