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5 Reasons to Use Self Storage for Ecommerce

Published On: May 7, 2018By

If you sell products online through an eCommerce store like eBay or Etsy, you have probably already encountered the issue of inventory management. When starting off, most people use their home as a makeshift warehouse, but they soon find that it is not a suitable fit. Inventory quickly takes over your home and soon you and your loved ones are stressed and overtaken by the clutter.

Many sellers are realizing that they can run their online business from a storage unit. This company switched from a warehouse to one of our storage units, and could not be happier. Storage units can range from 5×5 feet to 10×30 feet, allowing you to find the exact amount of space you need without overpaying for space you do not. Still not convinced? Here are our top 5 reasons to use storage units for eCommerce inventory.

1. Self-Storage vs. Warehouses

  • At a storage facility, things like heating/AC, electric, water, and other utilities are covered by the storage company, not by you. In addition to this, there is ongoing maintenance to fix any problems or clean up any messes that may occur. These are both things you would pay out of pocket for if using a warehouse. One more added benefit is our moving truck. To move inventory to your warehouse, you would either have to stuff your car and take multiple trips or rent a truck. Our tenants get free use of our moving truck with move-in, which saves time and money.

2. Business Amenities

  • As a Guardian Storage tenant, you have access to plenty of free business amenities – something you probably didn’t even know to look for. All facilities are equipped with free wi-fi, free printing services, and package acceptance. Plus, every location has a business center, where you can work from, hold business meetings or take important phone calls. These amenities will surely come in handy, especially when it comes to printing labels, ordering inventory, and working online. Package acceptance is a great feature, as you can send all deliveries directly to the storage property, where our managers will keep them for you.

3. Easy Moving Amenities

  • Depending on the size and scope of your eCommerce store, you may need to take advantage of our covered loading docks. Here, trucks can pull right up to the dock, which is raised to meet the height of truck beds. Having the loading docks indoors means no matter what the weather, your items will never get damaged or wet. Close to the loading docks are free dollies, which can be used to transport all boxes or inventory to your unit. If you find that you need more boxes, tape, or covers, every location has a packing supply store on-site where you can purchase all the materials you need.

4. Climate-Control

  • If you are choosing to store your inventory, the best option is to go with climate-control. These are units where the temperature and humidity levels will always stay consistent. Having climate-control protects against dust, mold, mildew, and elemental damage to items, which is important when the things you are storing are vital to your business. Depending on what you sell, proper, consistent temperature can be very important. Opting for an indoor unit can also help protect from the elements.

5. Safety & Security

  • Lastly (and possibly most importantly) is safety and security. Your business is your livelihood, and you wouldn’t want anything to happen to it. A storage unit is one of the safest places to keep your inventory, as Guardian Storage has top of the line security features to ensure your items are always safe. The first step of safety is up to you – make sure to bring a good lock or buy one in the office. Our experienced, on-site managers consistently make rounds to check and make sure everyone’s unit is locked, ensuring your items are always safe. On top of this, we have 24/7 digital camera surveillance, motion detectors, central station monitoring, a sprinkler system, and some properties even have individual unit alarms. Each property is fully gated, requiring a unique access code from each tenant to enter the facility. If you are still wary, for a low monthly rate you can purchase insurance through the Guardian Protection Plan, which would reimburse you up to a specific amount if anything ever happened to your items. You can visit your unit 7 days a week, 365 days a year, but when you are not there, you can have peace-of-mind knowing your inventory is safe and secure.

With these great benefits, it’s hard to imagine that anyone wouldn’t choose to run their eCommerce business from a storage unit! Not only does it allow you to save on expenses and keep your home free of inventory clutter, but it also has additional amenities and safety features that you really couldn’t find anywhere else for the same price. If storage sounds like a good fit for your business, the next step is to call or visit your nearest Guardian Storage, where our experienced, on-site managers will be able to help you find a unit that is the right fit for your needs.