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4 Must-Have Qualities of Home Movers

Published On: April 25, 2022By


Authored by Renee Julienne | Exclusively submitted to

Buying a new home is incredibly exciting –– but moving to it can be anything but. According to surveys, 1 in 8 Americans find moving to be more stressful than the idea of a week in jail. Moving also ranked more stressful than a job interview or planning a wedding. Suffice it to say, people don’t love the thought of moving!

The good news is that hiring a home moving company can help to prevent all this anxiety and make moving a breeze. Trained and armed with resources that can make your move a seamless experience, home movers should be considered by anyone transitioning into a new house. That said, to really ensure that your move is as safe and smooth as possible, there are some qualities your home mover must have:

1. An adaptable work ethic

Moving hardly ever goes according to plan. Sometimes a tire can get busted, or the weather suddenly shifts on a dime. Regardless of what happens specifically, these unexpected hurdles can drastically affect your move if your movers are unable to adapt. As such, it’s important that the home movers you hire have a work ethic that upholds agility. This means that they can adjust to whatever circumstances arise without compromising the quality of their work. So, for instance, if it rains on your moving day, your home movers should know how to choose a designed unloading spot, when to put someone on towel duty, and where to place doormats –– all of which are top rainy day moving tips from Guardian Storage.

To determine how adaptable a home mover is, you can ask them about their responses to specific scenarios or check online reviews.

2. Ability to provide additional services

Every move (and customer) involves unique needs, which is why a home mover who offers additional services can be a game-changer. As explained in a guide to home movers from AskMoney, some movers provide extra services at an additional cost. These can include something straightforward like packing and unpacking or more niche like moving large, fragile items. By taking advantage of a home mover offering these services, you can rest assured that your specific preferences and requirements will be satisfied. In many cases, perks that fall under the category of additional services may even help to streamline the moving process. For example, movers who offer packing supplies or have partnered up with reliable storage solutions like Guardian Storage may result in a smoother move.

So, before deciding on a home mover, inquire what all they offer and whether or not they can meet your specific needs and preferences.

3. Transparency in work and rates

The prices that most home movers publicly present are not comprehensive. While their ads may promise that you’ll only pay X amount to move, the listed amount is almost always just a base fee. Because of this, many end up spending way more than they expected to due to hidden fees.

To avoid surprise fees, look for a home mover who is transparent about their rates right off the bat. Admittedly, this may not be the easiest task since it’s unlikely that companies will post their prices publicly. However, an honest home mover should readily provide total rates following a serious inquiry. For reference, Forbes revealed the average cost of movers to be between $800 and $2,500. This is the national average for a two-person team completing a local move. Given that these are not small fees, it’s essential to entrust yourself and your budget to a home mover who will respect you with honesty upfront.

4. Versatility for any distance

Over the last two years, millions of people have packed up and moved across the country. U.S. News reports even show that some states saw up to a 74% inbound move rate. This percentage reflects a national trend of individuals and families moving longer distances.

Moving to a new state can be a challenging experience in and of itself, and is made more so by the fact that not all home movers are equipped for longer moves. Naturally, the ones equipped are usually more expensive, with rates reaching up to $8,000. Alternatively, some local movers claim they can cover longer distances but lack the resources or experience to pull it off. This is why it’s important to work with movers who are versatile with respect to distance. Typically, these movers will have larger fleets, more manpower, and well-rounded moving experience. With these professionals, you can be assured that your move will be properly attended to regardless of where you’re going.

Home movers can offer unparalleled support during any moving process. But, in order for you to really have a positive experience, it’s important to find a home mover that has ideal qualities that will enhance your move. For more tips on hassle-free home moving, sign up for our once-monthly blog newsletter.