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Running a Business from Self Storage

Published On: April 9, 2018By


How this outdoor clothing company runs a successful business from a storage unit

When running a business, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the most important things to decide on is space. The space in which you conduct your business or store your inventory can be a huge investment, so consider your options. Many businesses opt for a warehouse to house their inventory and sell their products. While this space may be the right choice some, many business owners rack up unnecessary expenses.

A warehouse can be a great option if you have a very large amount of inventory, but too often, business owners end up with more space than they need. They end up paying for unused space, and for the electric, maintenance, water, and other utilities for the large warehouse

Many businesses, like Kuhl Clothing, have discovered a perfect solution to this problem – a storage unit! Kuhl Clothing, an outdoor company with a lifestyle vibe and one-of-a-kind fabrics and specialized fit, discovered that storage units are useful for more than household goods. As a company that sells their clothing to local boutiques only a few times a year, they became frustrated with paying for empty warehouse space year-round that they only used occasionally. Corbin, Amy, and John put their heads together and decided to use Guardian Storage as a warehouse and showroom all in one!

For Kuhl Clothing, Guardian Storage was a great fit because of all the amenities that come with a storage unit. In addition to the cost-efficient warehousing solution, Amy, Corbin, and John are also able to take advantage of Guardian’s free conference room for a few weeks twice a year. They use the conference room as a place to showcase their products. During these weeks, Kuhl brings in retailers to look at the next season’s line of clothing. They then help each retailer decide which items to put in their retail store to appeal to each of their specific customer bases. Many of the retailers are local shops in small Colorado mountain towns, making the centrally located Guardian Storage property a convenient location for retailers to do business with Kuhl Clothing each year.

Why Guardian?

 When they aren’t displaying clothing for clients, they know their inventory is safe in Guardian Storage’s care. Self-storage offers climate control, which keeps temperature and humidity levels consistent 24/7. Apart from the elements, Guardian keeps belongings safe from unwanted guests. There is active, ongoing pest control, and with 24/7 video monitoring, gated entrances, fire sprinkler systems, and alarmed units, there is no safer place to trust with your inventory

While it may seem unconventional, storage is a great option for a business that is looking to cut down on warehouse costs or looking to have a more secure location for their inventory. Kuhl Clothing has had a great response to their switch to smarter storage. When asked about customers’ reactions to their “showroom space” they replied, “When we send out appointment reminders, I give new clients a heads up that, yes, it’s a storage unit they’re going to. As soon as they see our set up, they say ‘this is really smart!’ We feel so fortunate to have found this partnership with Guardian; it’s a perfect fit for our business. While our industry is always adapting and changing, we feel we have the flexibility and resources at Guardian to react quickly. The cost and benefits outweigh any other option.”

If you think self-storage may be a better fit for your business, stop by a Guardian Storage location and learn more about your options!
With free use of our truck and conference room, free wi-fi, and many more business amenities, you may find that storage is the solution you never knew you needed. Our experienced, on-site managers can walk you through your options and explain all the benefits of Guardian Storage.

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