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Summer Organization Tips

Published On: July 30, 2018By


Organized Your Home This Summer

Jamie, the Denver Housewife, knows that summer is as good a time as any to organize your home. While the kids are outside playing or at the pool with friends, you can take the time to go through your home and begin to assess what stays and goes. This way, come winter when the whole family is spending time indoors, everything will be organized and you’ll have more space to enjoy the time with your loved ones.

So, how do you clear up space quickly in your home? Jamie suggests getting a storage unit for the items you need, but aren’t necessarily going to use every day or anytime soon. For example, Colorado experiences hot summers along with cold winters, which means everyone has a seasonal wardrobe. During the summer months, Jamie can keep her family’s bulky winter clothes in storage, freeing up room for their summer wardrobe. When it starts to get colder, she can switch out the clothing and have exactly what she needs to keep her family warm. Other seasonal items like snow blowers, shovels, lawn mowers, gardening supplies, and pool toys can be swapped each season to free up extra space.

8 Tips for Summer Organization

In her blog, Jamie shares 8 great tips to get your home organized for summer. She encourages you to get your kids involved, where appropriate. By turning organizing into a game, you can get some quality time with them and turn cleaning into something fun. It’s also a great time to teach them about the importance of giving to others and encouraging them to donate their toys and clothes that no longer fit to other kids who need them. Even organizing your home can be a great bonding experience with your kids. Make sure to check out her blog to read more about her experience with Guardian Storage, and to get all of her great organizing tips!


If you think you can benefit from getting organized with a storage unit, stop by your nearest Guardian Storage today to get started. Our trained, professional property manager can help you find the unit that’s the perfect fit.