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Storage for the Home

Did you know, one in 10 households rent additional storage space at a self storage property within a 10 to 15 minute drive from their home.
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Are you one of those households running out of storage space? That’s just one of the reasons customers come to Guardian Storage every day.   Our friendly, knowledgeable self storage consultants are here to help you through all of life’s transitions, including:


Guardian Storage Solutions offers hassle-free, convenient, affordable month-to-month self storage solutions.  Make us your temporary stop on your journey to your new home.

Home Staging

Self storage allows you the opportunity to store your extra things as you entice buyers to purchase your newly “de-cluttered” home at a significantly higher price.


Make that basement storage into living space!  Keep your extra things right in the neighborhood while building yourself that home gym or man cave you’ve always wanted.

Combining Households

Your fiancé can keep his high school trophy collection without making you live with it too!  Renting self storage allows you to keep all the things you have grown to love over the years without causing the added stress of trying to figure out where to store everything in your new home.

Storing Seasonal Items

Take back your garage.  Stop tripping over your holiday decorations and winter skis just to get to your car.  Store your off-season items at Guardian Storage.

Protecting your Valuables

Ensure the safety of your priceless family antiques and store them in one of our indoor, climate controlled self storage units.

We offer a variety of unit sizes to store everything from holiday decorations to your whole house.  CLICK HERE to find a Guardian Storage location right in your neighborhood.


Get More When You Store.®

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