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Storage for Baby Clothes

Published On: June 18, 2018By


Storage for Baby Clothes

Ashley from Afternoon Espresso was putting tears in our eyes when talking about the reality of her little baby, Charlie, growing up. Charlie (who is arguably the cutest baby you’ve ever seen) will be turning one in a few months, leaving Ashley with all of the clothing, toys, and equipment that comes with a newborn. It isn’t easy to say goodbye to all of those cherished items, and if you plan on having more children down the road, it’s all stuff you’re going to want to keep. Unfortunately, baby gear can take over a whole house if you aren’t careful. That’s why it’s so important to think of storage for all of your baby clothes.

Ashley quickly realized that expertly organizing the clothing and toys into plastic bins was only the first step of the process. Those bins were bulky, and with a baby that will only keep growing, she knew storage was her best option. She trusted Guardian Storage to keep Charlie’s first ever outfit safe. As someone who has used Guardian Storage in the past, Ashley knew that the clean and secure units were the best place to store the well-loved clothing of her infant, to make room in their home for Charlie to grow.

In her blog, Afternoon Espresso, Ashley shares the journey of packing up her 9-month-old baby’s belongings, and how that puts everything in perspective. She shares expert tips on how to properly store baby clothes and has tons of great pictures to share of herself and Charlie, and their day of packing and storing.