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Moving & Storage

How to Store Vinyl Records

Storing Vinyl Records: A Guide to Vinyl Record Storage If you’re getting ready for a renovation, moving homes, downsizing, or just looking to free up some space, you will need somewhere to store your vinyl records. Not knowing how to store your vinyl records properly can leave them scratched, damaged, or warped. The following tips […]

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Storage Hacks For The Holidays

With Christmas around the corner, people everywhere are scrambling to gear up for one of the most exciting times of the year. What can be viewed as an exhilarating time is equally stressful for many homeowners trying to solve a variety of storage issues. If you’re lacking storage space, or you’re wondering how to maximize […]

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How to Pack Knives for Moving

When preparing for a move, your kitchen will be one of the most difficult areas of your house to pack. We’ve already created a guide for how to pack a kitchen, but packing knives for a move is a completely different story. Knowing how to pack knives for moving is so important. Improperly packing your […]

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8 Cities with the Best Weather in the US

Looking to move somewhere with the best year-round weather in the US? Typically people who are looking for good weather aim to move to where it is 70 degrees year-round in the United States. Luckily, there are plenty of cities where the weather is comfortable year-round. Below are the best places to live for the […]

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Tips for Moving in Winter

Why do people move in the winter? At surface level, moving in the winter seems like a horrible idea. It’s cold, snowy, and the weather can be incredibly unpredictable. Despite this, plenty of people choose to move in the winter months every single year. While some don’t have the luxury of waiting for the warmer […]

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How To Store Clothes in a Storage Unit

9 Tips for Clothing Storage Whether you are looking to store baby clothes, winter clothing, or seasonal wardrobes, it’s essential that you know how to store clothes in a storage unit the proper way. It may seem as easy as packing boxes with clothing and loading them into your unit, but it’s a bit more […]

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